Assistant professor/Lecturer at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication, NLA University College, and at the University of Agder, both in Kristiansand, Norway.
Light and situation chaser with a preference for landscapes and nature in general, as well as candid photography.
Don´t like excessive HDR nor ditto colour saturation.

Any image on this site fills the requirements as to documentary photography. The subject matter is shown the way the light, the distance, the focal length and the camera settings made it. Images of people are all candid photography. Post exposure production is confined to adjustments of the original raw data necessary for conveying the subject matter as realistically as possible. The only filters used are UV (often), polarizers (occasionally), and ND/ND grads (rarely). If ND grads are required I rather opt for moderate HDR processing based on one single RAW file. If an image is made from two or more consecutive exposures, for extreme contrast management (very rarely), this will always be stated.

Welcome to my online gallery. You are welcome to browse the galleries, or search for images by keywords in English or Norwegian using the search feature.

Open the large versions of the images to find information such as the date of capture (first part of the image name, yyyymmdd) if known, pixel dimensions, and subject matter. File format info is given only if the original is a camera JPEG/TIFF, or a slide scan. Otherwise all images are processed RAW captures.

You can order signed A4 and A3 format prints made on a professional photo printer, or on canvas in a variety of sizes and prices. Order by typing image title(s) and format(s) in the contact form. Please make sure to fill in the email address box so that I can come back to you with payment information (card or PayPal).

For commercial purposes and commissions please use the contact form for enquiries. Please make sure to fill in the email address box so that I can come back to you. Call or send SMS to +47 990 35 767 if pressed for time. I´ll come back to you as soon as possible.

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